Canadian Malartic

Mining sector

Scheduled maintenance
Unplanned shutdown
Year: 2016 (in progress) to 2017
Location: Canadian Malartic
Value of work: $4 million / $1.5 million annual contract in planned shutdown

Challenges met

Complete the work within the agreed upon schedule and quickly react to the additional work that required the dispatch of 40 additional men. In order to prevent work-related accidents, our CNESST manager WSIB ensured that two safety meetings were held daily throughout the shutdown.


Description of the project

To carry out safe annual planned maintenance work:

  • The ball mill
  • General welding work on various equipment
  • Installation of 16″ Ø racking piping at the decanter
  • Mechanical work on belt conveyor
  • Replacement and adjustment of oversized bearing
  • Replacement of speed reducer
  • Replacement of conveyor rollers
  • Replacement of conveyor head and tail pulleys
  • Laser alignment of pumps, gearboxes, motors
  • All kinds of mechanical repair work, piping
  • High pressure welding on mild and stainless steel
  • Structural welding on overhead cranes

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